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What are apps?

Here at Ultimate App Reviews we know that the world of the Internet is always changing and that’s why there’s no need to be ashamed when you need to ask ‘What are apps?’ Once you understand what these gadgets are really all about you’ll quickly see they can be both fun and profitable.  We want the users who look at our website to have a solid understanding of what they’re looking for.

It’s best to start here with a definition. When someone asks ‘What are apps?’ they might be surprised to find out the answer is simpler than you might think. An app is really just a  small piece of  the kind of software that makes your computer or smart phone do what you want it to.  Don’t be confused if you’ve heard the term before, the term app has been widely used in the past to talk about the software that was and still is bundled into your computer when you first buy it. The full name here is application software but those are usually not what people are talking about today when they talk about apps.

‘What are apps?’  Today’s Definition

When people ask that question today, they are generally talking about the craze that’s sweeping the Internet. They’re generally talking about all the gadgets that you can either buy or get for free to add to your smart phone, tablet or other hand held or other device. Things changed back in 2007 when Apple decided to open a store where you could by an assortment of these online phone applications under one roof. Specifically, they were selling these apps for use on the iPhone. So , asking the question ‘What are Apps?’ used to have an answer that was more geared to the desktop and or laptop and the software that made those machines run. Today’s definition is more about the smart phone.

Business Is Booming

As you’ve noticed, the business of mobile apps is booming and there more and more places crowding the market that was first started by Apple. There are Android apps for those phones and Google apps as well as those from Microsoft and a host other companies that have entered the game. Remember there are literally hundreds of thousands of them out there and they can do everything from direct you to social networks to allow you to play games or see what’s going on at your home via camera.

You’ll want to have the best and the ones that work well. So now that we’ve answered the question “What are Apps?”, why not check out the reviews we’ve got on our site?




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