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Math Bubble Popper

The MathBubblePopper application has finally come out. This is the latest App from the people at Internetzone I, Inc. and it was designed specifically to help children analyze math problems in a fun and unique way.  As with other applications from Internetzone I, Inc., the functionality of this program is top notch.  It is very […]

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Privacy Issues Lands Big Names In Front Of Government

For most of us, there are not too many issues when we’re dealing with our favorite mobile apps. We go to our best apps store and have a look at what’s offered and many even read the occasional apps review. It’s all simple stuff that’s designed to be fun. Now it seems there’s more to […]

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New on the android apps review circuit

There’s lots of people who see the fun side of the apps market and when they hear there’s a new android apps review on the way, they’re the first to see what kind of fun they can have with what’s offered in games. Then there’s the more serious side and people who look at the […]

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