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Firms sued over breach of privacy

In one of the latest episodes concerning privacy laws as they pertain to mobile apps and the ones that you can get from places like the itunes store , 18 firms have been hit with lawsuits over allegations that smartphone companies have been gathering private information through these devices without user’s consent. The lawsuit says […]

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Super Bowl Goes Mobile

You knew it was going to happen sooner or later and those of you that have been buying from your favorite apps store won’t be surprised to find out that North America’s biggest sporting event is going mobile. As well as the first online stream in the history of the NFL, the Super Bowl has […]

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Super Bowl Apps Review Article

It’s great when you think about how going to the apps store can get you whatever you need when you need it. There’s literally too many free apps and those in the iTunes store to choose from, so it should be no surprise this article starts off with a few for the upcoming Super Bowl. […]

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Kenya New Mobile App Powerhouse

Everything to do with the Internet is mobile and that includes the mobile apps landscape. There are so many different products to choose from when it comes to the right apps store, it shouldn’t be a surprise that free apps as well as those you need to pay for are cropping internationally. Kenya is the […]

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Mobile Apps Are A Great Black Friday Idea

We all know that our economy is in need of a jump start and with Black Friday on the way there a re a few mobile apps that have been able to capitalize on what everyone is hoping will be a good shopping salvo. Following is a list of three of these that are available […]

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Check the apps store for the units that will help you spend wisely.

The bigger the mobile apps industry gets, the more of a business it becomes. That means that more and more of the needs that everyday people have are being filled by the gizmos they can get on the Internet from places like the itunes store. Here’s a case in point that ties in well with […]

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Emerging Markets See Surge In Mobile Apps

It’s no big surprise to people watching the app store numbers and all the latest innovations in the field of mobile apps when new reports are saying the industry is growing in leaps and bounds in emerging economies. From January to Oct of this year alone, China has seen a growth of 870% in the […]

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Mobile App Useage Exploding in the USA

If these are bad economic times and people need to tighten their belts just to get through, mobile app fans aren’t listening. A new survey has pointed out the fact that on average  20 million US residents access mobile applications between the hours of 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. at their favorite app store. These […]

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Android Keeps Getting Bigger Share Of Marketplace

As you might expect the wars for the hearts and minds not to mention the dollars of apps users is always heating up. The Google competition is always nipping at the heels of Apple’s app store and with productivity versions that run from $200, replica vuvuzela horn effects and everything else in between, it’s no […]

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Half a Million APPs Approved by Apple and Rising!

Tuesday was a big day for Apple and they need all the good news they can get considering Google’s Androids are breathing down their necks at every market turn. The ‘for now’ leader in the smartphone world hit a milestone Tuesday with 500,000 Apps approved in their App Store. This information comes from several sources […]

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