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PressReader is the world’s largest digital newspaper kiosk which brings over 2,300 digital newspaper publication to your tablet or smartphone! The application allows users to read publications where ever they are in the world with a simply touch on their screen! The application is easily-navigated, user-friendliness and highly useful for all smartphone and tablet users, […]

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Math Bubble Popper

The MathBubblePopper application has finally come out. This is the latest App from the people at Internetzone I, Inc. and it was designed specifically to help children analyze math problems in a fun and unique way.  As with other applications from Internetzone I, Inc., the functionality of this program is top notch.  It is very […]

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Back In Black

Fission Media has come up with a budgeting application that is quite impressive. The back in black application, which is available for Apple products, combines simplicity with creative thinking. This budgeting application really goes beyond the standard mold because it is designed to be helpful for anyone.  This ingenious application will help you keep a […]

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Prize Wheel TM

Prize Wheel is a new APP from the Grand Prize Network and it is available free of charge in the iTunes library of games.  It is really an interesting concept. The application allows you to spin the Prize Wheel every few hours for an opportunity to win one of about eight prizes.  The prizes are […]

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Mobile App Useage Exploding in the USA

If these are bad economic times and people need to tighten their belts just to get through, mobile app fans aren’t listening. A new survey has pointed out the fact that on average  20 million US residents access mobile applications between the hours of 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. at their favorite app store. These […]

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