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Submitting your APP for our writers to review and post to our site is a big deal! Unlike most of the APP review sites we are writing 100% unique review based on our opinions of the APPs themselves. Most review sites allow you to submit your own review which is not the best type of review you can provide.

Here are a few benefits when having us manage your Reviews:

  1. Our writer takes the time to evaluate your APP and writes an original review
  2. Your APP name appears in search results which brings them to our site. This means other APPs that are more popular are appearing in the search results which leads people to read our other reviews
  3. Our site already ranks for many popular keyword terms
  4. We will also be making an iTunes APP that will feature all your reviews
  5. We will give you a copy of the Review which is slightly changed so you can submit it to another review site. At your request we can create up 20 unique versions to submit elsewhere as well.
  6. We will give you a laundry list of things to do to help promote your APP more in iTunes

We ask that all APPs listed on our site provide promo codes for those APPs that do cost to download. You can also provide additional codes for our readers as this is Especially helpful for the iTunes Market because this will help you to get more ratings and reviews directly on your APP. The idea is simple, we give away the promo codes and in return we ask the Beta Testers to leave positive feedback! This is important to understand, we are not asking for Fake reviews, we are asking our readers to  review with positive feedback and helpful feedback if they find things they would like to see in the APP or improvements.

All Reviews on our site are approved by our Team here before any readers see them on our site. We are cautious and careful to provide the best information we can to keep readers coming back and developers submitting APPs to our site.

NOTE: There is a Fee involved in having us review and post to our site. Because the Fee will vary as we increase in popularity we ask that you fill out the form below and we will send a quote to within 24 hours.

We do require at least 1 promo code so we can download the APP and so that the APP Review provided by the writer will be a sound review that will help to excite the readers into downloading your APP. What we offer is:

Custom Review: We will write a 400 + word review after actually reviewing and testing your APP. We will also include your icon, photos and video to give your listing more presence on our site! You can also provide additional promo codes to give away to our readers.

Placement of your APP: There are 4 placements on our site currently for your APP review:

  1. APP of the Week
  2. Featured APP
  3. Recent APP
  4. New Releases

Each position has a unique requirement to it and once we post your APP review to our site it will remain here as long as your APP exists.

Additional Submission of your APP review!

We know the importance of getting word out there about your APP and even though we are competitive in getting traffic to our site, we know the more places we submit your APP review the better! We provide a series of ways to get your review out there in a Unique way and that is highly beneficial. Fill out the form today to get started: