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Free Apps

Once you start getting involved with all the mobile apps there are on the market today, you’ll see the variations are plentiful. Of course the choices all filter down to two different models, the paid app and free apps. The interesting thing is experts in the field say that you can make money from either if you’re inclined to get into the business yourself.

Here’s a few things you need to consider for each of the models.

First off there are many people who are thinking about starting  with the bigger companies when they want to get their paid apps or free apps to the market place, and that’s why you’ll see people looking at the opportunities that come with iPhone apps. Here it’s important to remember that Apple takes 30% from each sale, so if you with an app that costs .99 cents, you’re cut will be .69 cents. Right away it’s easy to see where this would be an advantage over free apps, but there are cases to be made for both models.

Although you can make money with free apps  through advertising clicks, the generally accepted way to getting rich by designing these mobile apps is with the paid versions. When you take a look at the App Store, you’ll also see that the paid versions are placed in a more prominent position than their free counterparts.

Of course that doesn’t mean that free apps are something you want to pass over, but it’s necessary to remember that regardless of the avenue you pursue, you’ll need to be sure to get the right exposure. It’s critical to get the app that you’ve designed into the top 10 or top 100 or 200 lists as well.  Getting mentioned in the right app review sites and in sections like ‘What’s Hot’ will only help your cause.

One of the ways that you can use advertising to make money with free apps is to embed the ads in the code. By looking around, you should be able to find several different companies that will embed the ad right onto your free apps so they make money for you in the long run. Remember here that one of the advantages of the free apps are the fact they have more reach. A paid application is a once off thing whereas these free versions can create a steady stream of advertising revenue per year. As well, the volumes are usually much bigger with these free apps.

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