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Apps Store

As you might be able to imagine, there are many places to buy mobile applications and many different apps store locations on the market today.  In fact there are so many different places to buy one of your favorite apps, a simple guide is needed to show you where to go to deal with the bigger places.

Of course everyone knows that Apple is one of the biggest companies when it comes to these mobile apps but not everyone might be aware of the fact that their complete apps store line consists of more than just those products for today’s smart phones. Consider the fact that the very people who designed the Apple iPad also played a huge role in designing the apps that you can buy from their store.

The selection is amazing. There are a variety of business apps, entertainment apps and even educational apps available with more being developed everyday and added to the mix. There are some particularly exciting examples in this apps store concerning the kind of information that people can get from the stock markets.

CNBC real time is one of these apps. It gets the buyer accurate stock market quotes from  the NYSE and NASDAQ. With the volatile nature of today’s market, this app can keep the interested buyer on top of quickly changing trends.  Although Apple is the biggest player in the app world at the present time, there are other challengers for more specific markets.

In fact BlackBerry even has it’s own apps store. It is a place where you can get, as the name suggests, a wide variety of apps for that device including a variety of lights that act like little flashlights and come in handy when you’re in a situation where there’s no other source.

Some insiders in the tech industry are saying that the apps store  to really keep an eye on is the one for the Android Market. In fact , this store has many of the categories that you’d find in the more traditional Apple store but some of the more interesting ones here involve the reference books that you can buy . On in particular deals with the hand to hand combat procedures of the US Marine Corps.

Finding the right apps store of course has everything to do with the smart phone or other mobile device that you use, but after that the possibilities for the apps you can buy are endless.




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