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App Store

Of course when you’re looking at getting some of the best and most useful apps that are for sale today, you need to know how to find a credible app store so that you can trust all the purchases that you make. Remember the Internet is an open market and there are many places to choose from, so it’s a good idea to base your selections on a few criteria.

First of all, narrowing down your search a bit helps at first. Here its often good if you decide to go with the app store that has a history behind it and therefore credibility. It’s interesting to note here that according to the experts, the very first iPhone didn’t have any apps at all. In fact it wasn’t until a year after the iPhone was announced that developers were able to make apps for it.

Of course people who know the story also know that Apple has never looked back and they modeled their app store after their already successful iTunes music store. But what about all the other smart phone companies that compete with Apple? Of course there are other choices that you can make when  you’re looking for a smart phone or other hand held device  to suit your tastes. When you make that initial decision, then you can start looking at what the corresponding app store has to offer. Remember that the apps you look at often depend on the handheld device you’re looking at. For example, word of mouth is still a great way to choose the right app store for your iPad and when you see that that device hit 10,000 apps way back in June, you should feel comfortable with buying from them as their reputation is spreading.

The app store that you buy from also depends on where you are in the world.  Everyone who knows about the problems that Google is having in China won’t be surprised to find out that estimates say while there are actually more Android smart phones in places like China because they cater to a wider range of budgets than Apple’s iPhone, Google has not been able to get paid apps support together in that country so that don’t have a strong app store presence there.

Finding the right app store that suits you budget and tastes starts with getting the right information. It’s no secret that there’s tons to choose from.



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