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App Review

When Apple’s store recently surpassed their milestone 10 billion download benchmark, it was cause for everyone to take a moment from writing or reading an app review as the case may be and reflect on the short but fiery history behind the mobile application.  While there are many people who might think the app review is as far back as this mobile technology goes, the interesting history actually goes back a ways.

It’s good to start at the beginning here to get a full perspective as to how far things have come. It’s interesting to note that the itunes store where these are sold didn’t even come into existence until July 11, 2008. That’s a figure that’s made even more interesting by the fact that originally there wasn’t much to sell. In fact there were only 552 iPhone applications in the beginning. Imagine how small the space was for all the app review notes that were made at the time?

Consider how far the entire industry has come. Today there are more than 325,00 apps with developers submitting more and more each week.  The industry has certainly taken off and with it there have been more and more app review sites on the Internet that are dedicated to the latest. That leaves you in an interesting position when you are looking at app review sites.

There are several even more interesting facts when it comes to the development of these apps, which as you might imagine has become a big business. There are many app developers that are putting these pieces of software together these days and that means there are corresponding fees that have to be paid for getting this software to the right market.

The windows marketplace and Apple both charge $ 99 dollars a year followed by Android which costs far less at $25.  When you’re looking at the app review sites that tell you which of the latest are the best and which ones are best avoided, it’s a good idea to see if they have been picked up by any of these bigger stores.   Remember there are always new apps being developed everyday but you need to be sure they come from reputable stores.

Now a bit about the app review itself. Here it’s good to look at the sites that have knowledgeable people writing the reviews like experts who work in the industry. There are lots of different sites out there and you need to discriminate so you can rest assured you’re getting  the best app review information.


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