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APP Deals

Everyone is looking for the best APPs and sometimes even APP deals. If you are wondering what are APPs and discount all about! Well, on occasion when we review an APP, the APP developer for a limited time will run their APP at a discounted rate! We will post these deals here as they happen so keep up as we look for APP Deals for you!

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Free APP Deals

  • Push-Cars: Everyday Jam
  • Mr Wolf and The Ginger Cupcakes
  • FILM+
  • AuditBee Mobile
  • Terrafarmers HD
  • Blowup!!

Discounted APP Deals

  • Time Duck
  • Patchworkz
  • Launch Center - Tap. Tap. Go!
  • PocketCloud
  • Dungeon Blade
  • GuitarToolkit