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APP of the Week » 888 Casino, a Genuine Casino Experience

888 Casino, a Genuine Casino Experience

When I was reviewing the 888 Casino app I was looking for a word that could summarize what this app is all about…and I think I found it…GENUINE! There is a look and feel to this game that really allows you to experience the thrill of legitimate casino gambling like none other. Like many people, I enjoy going to casinos and there is nothing like the excitement you can find in cities like Las Vegas and Atlantic City. It’s more than just about the lure of gambling. It is the entire experience including the sights, the sounds, the competition and the pure adrenaline of beating the house. Now I have been to those places many times and I have always been on the lookout for a similar gaming experience that I could replicate at home. I had just about given up on this pursuit because there was nothing I could find that could even remotely simulate this experience…until now! I was quite impressed and so I have decided to break down the different elements that truly set this casino app apart from all others.


One of the best features of any good casino is the variety of the games. What is the point in playing slots if you are limited to only a few choices? There is a reason that you can find hundreds of different types of games and slot machines in the major casinos. People like to be entertained. Not every game or slot machine is going to appeal to the masses. I certainly prefer certain slot machines and games to others and 888 Casino gives you those options. In fact, when preparing this review, I needed to take more time than usual simply because there were so many choices. This is the only app that I have played with that kind of variety. 888 Casino really did a great job in offering all sorts of themes to choose from and there is something here for literally just about everybody.


Quality is an important element for a good casino gaming experience. That is why it is so much more enjoyable to gamble at a high class establishment. When you visit a higher end casino you will notice that these places do not spare any expense. From the beauty of the décor to the level of service, these casinos only offer the best. The same is true for their gaming tables and slot machines. 888 Casino has been able to imitate that. These games look gorgeous and the sound quality is incredible. The gameplay is so seamless that it really feels like an actual casino experience. They really put to shame any other casino apps I have played.
Entertainment Value

The single most important reason that people go to a casino is to be entertained. Casinos offer a thrill in gaming that simply cannot be duplicated elsewhere. Well, the same is true with the 888 Casino app. The entertainment value that you will find with this app is remarkable and you can find yourself lost for hours in game play. The more I played the app, the more I was surprised. Each game offers something different and you will find something to enjoy whether you are a fan of the old west or a fan of horror movies. One video slot game in particular caught my attention. It was the “Nightmare on Elm Street” game. The gameplay and sound really combine to give it a thrilling sense of suspense. There are many more themes that you can choose from but this is just one example of the kind of experience you are in for.

If you are a fan of casino gaming then 888 Casino is the perfect app for you. The app combines all the necessary elements for a great gaming experience. From the variety of the different games, to the quality and entertainment value, there is no other app that measures up to what 888 Casino has done. If you are looking for an app that will bring you endless hours of genuine casino game play, then you will need to look no further. 888 Casino has everything you are looking for.

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888 Casino, a Genuine Casino Experience, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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