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Recent APP Reviews » Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope

A mysterious cardboard box arrives at your home. Inside of the box is a creature unlike any you’ve ever seen before. The creature is hungry and the note that comes with the creature states that you are responsible for making sure that he gets fed. Om Nom, the creature, is an extremely hungry creature and is always ready to eat, but you can’t feed him wholesome food – instead you have to feed him candy! Sounds easy, right? In Chillingo’s game, Cut the Rope, you’ll find that getting candy to a hungry creature can be a bit trickier than you may have thought!

The candy that you’re feeding Om Nom is attached to a rope, and as the name of the game hints at, you need to cut the rope in order to get the piece of candy to the hungry creature. Unfortunately there are all sorts of obstacles in the way of getting that delicious piece of candy into Om Nom’s hungry mouth, like electric current and spiders, work against you to keep you from being able to feed Om Nom the food that he wants.

Puzzle game lovers will enjoy this game because it’s so different than most puzzle games. Gravity and other vicious things work against you to keep you from getting that delicious candy to the little creature. One of the great things about Cut the Rope is that it’s ideal no matter how good a gamer you are. Beginner gamers will be able to enjoy the game by trying to get the candy into their new pet’s mouth. Advanced gamers can enjoy the challenge of trying to get the three stars while they’re playing! This game is ideal for all levels of gamers, and if you get stuck you can always look online for some tips and tricks to get out of a tight spot! If you’re looking for a way to while away some time, and if you love cute little creatures that are always hungry for candy, Cut the Rope is definitely an excellent addition to your mobile device!

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Cut the Rope, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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