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APP of the Week » PTSoccer Euro2012

PTSoccer Euro2012

PTSoccer Euro2012 is your passport to this year’s European Soccer Tournament. This colossal event boasts some of the best teams in the world and you can follow it all with PTSoccer Euro2012.  Power Table makes some of the very best applications available for soccer and their inclusion of the special Euro2012 App is no exception.  They really know how to put together a great application and you will quickly be able to recognize that their current application is better than ever.  It is easy to navigate, quick to update and full of information that make your Euro 2012 experience something to remember. They have extended what they have already done with their SoccerEPL Application to make this version even better than the original.

It comes at a perfect time as well with the Euro 2012 kicking off in Poland and Ukraine this year.  The Euro matches are always such a huge event that it seems fitting that there is an App designed well enough to cover this event. No matter how far away from away you are from the action the PTSoccer Euro2012 App will keep you abreast of everything that you need to know.

There are a couple things that really stand out with this application that I would like to cover. First of all is its functionality. When you first start it up the program automatically seeks for all updates concerning the Euro 2012 Tournament.  In addition it is quite easy to navigate to each of your different interests. What sets Power Table Soccer apart from other Soccer Apps is the depth of information available. They waste now effort in providing the most detailed news possible. It really is impressive.

The other thing that really stands out about this application is the breadth of information available. Normally I would be skeptical about the information available with an application. If I wanted in depth information I would defer to the internet, but with PTSoccer Euro2012 I have one hub that I can go to for all my questions. It is amazing because they have designed the App to collect data from various sources and make it available to you instantly. This includes all news events, updates on player statuses, scores and standings. The information is so detailed that I found it more helpful than watching cable sporting news.  News and information is available for each team so you will be able to keep abreast with your favorite team as well as the competition. In addition, my favorite feature includes an in depth bio on each team and how they made it to the tournament.  It is, hands down, the most complete App available for the Euro 2012 Tournament.

This is the second review I have done for Power Table and I am more impressed each time I write one. They understand perfectly what the true Soccer fan wants. The PTSoccer Euro 2012 is a free App but you also have the option of purchasing the Power Table. Originally Power Table Soccer introduced the Power Table with their SoccerEPL application. It was a comprehensive guide to predicting winners based on a very intelligent formula. It has proven quite successful with their original application and I have no doubt that it will work for the PTSoccer Euro2012 Application as well. So whether you are a casual enthusiast or a rabid soccer fan, the PTSoccer Euro2012 is a must have.



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