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Recent APP Reviews » Line Birds

Line Birds

Anyone who has any sort of touch-screen mobile device, and just about everyone who doesn’t, has heard of Angry Birds. This popular game made it a fun thing to play with birds and a lot of companies jumped on the bandwagon trying to create their own hit version of a bird game. Head to the app store and you’ll find a game that looks a bit similar, only in that it has colorful birds that all do something different – Line Birds! But what is line birds and how do these quirky birds work? And even more importantly, can they work their magic on you?

Line birds is a side-scrolling game that’s actually a very simple concept. You begin by picking a bird. There are different birds to select from and each bird has their own unique charm. When you begin you will only be able to play with one bird, but as time goes on, and as you open up different levels, you can then use other birds and can see if they can navigate through the course better than the original bird. There are a total of six birds in all to unlock, and one thing that will be enjoyable to those who aren’t great gamers is the fact that you can unlock all of the birds by simply purchasing them through the application itself.

So what do you do once you’ve selected your bird? You pick which level you want to challenge and then, you fly! The bird starts on the left side of the screen and flies towards the right. Every time your finger hits the touch screen he flaps, and when you let go he stops flapping. Your main objective? To get the little tweeter to go as far as you can possibly make him go, dodging lines that come from the ceiling and from the ground. This means that you have to alternate between flapping and not flapping, which can be pretty tricky once you get into a difficult course.

Is this game one that you’ll love? There’s only one way to find out! Hardcore gamers may find it a bit too simple of a side-scrolling game to enjoy, but most people will recognize that it has what it takes to allow you to while away that annoying waiting time that we all have to deal with when you’re sitting in the doctors office.

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Line Birds, 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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