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APP of the Week » Math Bubble Popper

Math Bubble Popper

The MathBubblePopper application has finally come out. This is the latest App from the people at Internetzone I, Inc. and it was designed specifically to help children analyze math problems in a fun and unique way.  As with other applications from Internetzone I, Inc., the functionality of this program is top notch.  It is very easy to navigate and the graphics are very appealing.  With this App they have really created something that will appeal to both the parents and the children. It is an education application but it is designed like a game in order to keep a child’s interest. Of course this benefits both the parent and the child. You can find programs like this on the internet but Internetzone I, Inc. smartly understands that many games are now being played through the use of hand held devices. Because of this, this application is very convenient.   It can be used at home or on the go so you child will be able to practice math in an entertaining way anywhere they might be.

As stated before, the MathBubblePopper application is quite easy to use. When you first start out the problems are very easy mathematical equations of addition, subtraction and multiplication. This makes it easy for the user to familiarize him or herself with simple equations. In this way they can start to identify fundamental applications that they will later use for more difficult problems.  As the user progresses through the game the questions become more and more difficult.  In addition the number of questions per level also increases. There is a tracker that notes the number of correct and incorrect answers. This is accompanied by a timer that allows the user to understand how quickly they are completing the different levels. This way you can see how well your child is progressing and in what areas they have mastered and what areas they need to practice on.

The Math Bubble Popper is a great idea and a natural progression of educator tools. No longer will your child have to memorize mind numbing equation charts. Instead they will start to build their understanding of math in a way that really appeals to them.  Currently the education system has had a difficult time keeping children interested in a subject like math.  Children do not typically understand the importance of this subject and therefore do not fully apply themselves. It is a dilemma because there has never been a time in history when there was a greater need for this discipline. In order to help young students excel in the modern world there must be new approaches to learning this vital subject. Internetzone I, Inc. has done exactly that with the creation of this APP. They have designed something that can help children anywhere who are just starting out with math. They have made something useful to children, parents and educators alike. With the Math Bubble Popper you can provide your child with the building blocks necessary for them to master mathematics.

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Math Bubble Popper, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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