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Back In Black

Fission Media has come up with a budgeting application that is quite impressive. The back in black application, which is available for Apple products, combines simplicity with creative thinking. This budgeting application really goes beyond the standard mold because it is designed to be helpful for anyone.  This ingenious application will help you keep a detailed account of your budget without requiring a large portion of your time. That is very helpful for a person like me because there are a thousand other things that I would rather spend my time on than keeping constant track of my finances.

Back in Black Budget App from Fission Media on Vimeo.


To begin with, the back in black application is streamlined to make it easy to use. You can enter your incoming funds and set the application to include these numbers automatically.  In addition to this you can also enter your fixed expenditures with ease so you can easily see all the money that moves in and out of your account. Other variables or non-fixed expenditures can also be added as you go about your daily business. The application automatically totals these so that you can quickly see what you are spending each month and what portion of your money goes where. That is incredibly helpful because it will keep you abreast of your situation and help you make more informed financial decisions.

One of the unique features of the application is that it allows you to plan for future purchases. For example, if you want to take a vacation or save up money for a new car, you can budget this “saving” into the application. This way you will know exactly how much you need to set aside and when exactly you will be able to attain your goal. In fact, the people at Fission Media designed this application specifically to encourage people to save. It is a progressive way of thinking that you simply do not find with most budgeting software. It literally allows you to gain control of your finances rather than having your finances dictate what you can and cannot do.

My favorite feature of this application is that it allows you to take a photo of your goal. You can simply take a snap-shot of the goal you have in mind and use this to both remind you and encourage you to stick with your plan in order that you may meet your financial goals. In addition to this, the application includes a number of features that only add to its usefulness. You will find a host of icons that you can use to organize categories. You can add notes, create reminders, enter different expense frequencies and view your totals by category or as an overall expenditure. That really is the tip of the iceberg. There is so much flexibility with the application that you can design it to your specific preference thereby making it much easier for you have success reaching your financial goals. This application’s value is worth far more than its low asking price. There is no doubt it will be one of the most useful applications that you have available in your library. This application will work with Apple products including the iPhone, iTouch and iPad.







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