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Recent APP Reviews » Prize Wheel TM

Prize Wheel TM

Prize Wheel is a new APP from the Grand Prize Network and it is available free of charge in the iTunes library of games.  It is really an interesting concept. The application allows you to spin the Prize Wheel every few hours for an opportunity to win one of about eight prizes.  The prizes are actually pretty nice and vary quite a bit. You can win anything from pizza and movie gift cards to sunglasses and stuffed toys.

The application lets you spin the wheel once every three hours or so which allows you to spin it up to eight times in a day. That is not bad considering that there are eight possible spots that you can land on the wheel. This means that you could feasibly win every prize that is offered on any particular day.

There are some minor restrictions for certain prizes but there is no purchase necessary for your chance to play. It is really fun because in addition to the opportunity to win some pretty cool prizes you will also be able to check out some new products that you may have never heard about before.

Another great feature of the Prize Wheel application is that it allows for bonus spins. All that you have to do in order to earn these bonus spins is to watch short videos that promote other products. The videos really don’t take too long and they only average about 30 seconds for each one. If you are patient you can earn several free spins every day.  Some of the videos are great and you can learn a lot about products that you might have otherwise known little about. It is worth the time to watch the videos because you can essentially get an unlimited amount of spins.

Most of the prizes are offered from various companies so there are different rules for each one but all the information is conveniently disclosed for you for each individual one which makes them easy to review.  Currently there are about eight different prizes that you can win but there is no telling how many more might be available in the future.

With this application you can also view past winners of prizes.  Because the application is so new there is no update on past winners but that will change shortly. If you have been looking for a fun application then this is the one for you. It offers limitless amounts of game play with the added bonus of the chance to win prizes. It really is a no brainer. As for the look and stability of the app it is top notch. It has nice graphics and the game play is quite seamless. Even if you consistently elect to view videos in order to earn additional spins you can do so quite easily. The prizes currently available are already very nice but it will be interesting to see what they come up for this application in the future.

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Prize Wheel TM, 8.2 out of 10 based on 19 ratings
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