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Featured APPs » PTSoccer EPL

PTSoccer EPL

The PTSoccer EPL APP from PowerTable really is a great application for any soccer fan and a must have if you are a fan of the English Premier Football League. The APP is well made and very easy to navigate. It is more than just a sporting news site and offers the fan in depth analysis and predictions not readily available on most APPs.

You can keep up to date with current football headlines from all around the English Premier League. Read about the hottest stories of the day or watch video reports concerning your favorite team under the “News and Media” tab.

In addition to this the PTSoccer EPL App offers the most up to date tables available. Check out the in depth table reports or look at the Powertables that rank all of your favorite teams. You can see just how your team will stack up against the competition.

The Analysis and Prediction feature is easily the best part of this APP. PTSoccer EPL breaks down every single match in regards to the form, game trends, rankings and other critical data. You can see goals scored, bookings, starting lineups and even substitutions. In addition to this, they offer a prediction based on their analysis which is uncanny in its accuracy and depth of analysis. Using the “Swing-o-Meter,” PTSoccer EPL allows you to see the likely outcome of any match. These “pre-match” predictions are updated consistently and allow you to get the most up to date information available.

The PTSoccer EPL APP from PowerTable is clearly the superior choice for EPL fans. With so much information and well thought analysis available at your fingertips, this APP is a steal at just $0.99.

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