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APP News » Firms sued over breach of privacy

Firms sued over breach of privacy

In one of the latest episodes concerning privacy laws as they pertain to mobile apps and the ones that you can get from places like the itunes store , 18 firms have been hit with lawsuits over allegations that smartphone companies have been gathering private information through these devices without user’s consent.

The lawsuit says that these firms have sold mobile apps on the Internet that were installed on various smartphones and then took the information from places like address books. The names that have been mentioned in the lawsuit are some of the bigger ones in the industry as well like Apple, Twitter and even Facebook.

The legal action is looking to have all the personal data that was taken destroyed and a permanent injunction against further collections of this kind. Path, the social networking site, has already issued an apology for its part in collecting this data. The government has also been involved earlier this month when U.S. Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) called on the Federal Trade commission to look into allegations that some iOS and Android mobile apps had actually been uploading photos and such without any consent.

Most of the other bigger companies that were involved said they would not comment on the situation as it represents an ongoing investigation.

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