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APP News » Privacy Issues Lands Big Names In Front Of Government

Privacy Issues Lands Big Names In Front Of Government

For most of us, there are not too many issues when we’re dealing with our favorite mobile apps. We go to our best apps store and have a look at what’s offered and many even read the occasional apps review. It’s all simple stuff that’s designed to be fun.

Now it seems there’s more to it than that and the stuff that’s been going on behind the scenes is making headlines today. Forbes online version is reporting that two of the giants as far as mobile apps are concerned are on their way to an audience in front of New York Senator Charles Schumer to discuss privacy issues. With this kind of headwind blowing in the face of developers, it seems logical to assume that the people who make the apps that Google and Apple buy might be facing some new controls in the not too distant future.

Remember that when you start making the kind of money these giants are you’re bound to be drawing the attention of the government as well. Consider what’s going on in the Chinese market where the 25 billionth app was recently downloaded from the itunes store and the possibility that Andriod apps could overtake them by mid year.

But now to the app that’s started all the fuss. The Path journaling app has been accused of uploading all contents of its users address books onto its servers without consent. It would seem that this could be the spark that paves the way for more governmental controls.







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