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APP News » Mobile Apps violating children’s rights?

Mobile Apps violating children’s rights?

Here’s one for the ‘saw this coming’ file. It seems that one government survey up in Canada is concerned that mobile apps are actually violating children’s rights by not disclosing how they use personal data collected.

“Parents generally cannot determine, before downloading an app, whether the app poses risks related to the collection, use, and sharing of their children’s personal information,” said the report, according to the Huffington Post.

The market has increased from 600 apps available in 2008 to nearly 900,000 apps that can be found in Apple’s App store and Google’s Android Market today. There have been some questions swirling around these recently up in the frozen North.

Now of course a few that have come out recently have every thing to do with the Oscars. There’s one of the frontrunners that comes from ABC and The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and predictably is best when used on one of the many Apple products that are available. Get live feeds from behind the curtain here as though you’re one of the exclusive few who are able to get backstage at the Gala event. This app also has a review of Billy Crystal’s best performances.

The best tweets and other news is also part of the whole package, and another app, “Live from the Red Carpet”, is sure to provide some stiff competition. With this one you can watch Giuliana Rancic and Ryan Seacrest interview some of the biggest stars to attend the event, and it highlights tweets from notable guests and some of the bigger celebrities.



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