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APP News » Super Bowl Goes Mobile

Super Bowl Goes Mobile

You knew it was going to happen sooner or later and those of you that have been buying from your favorite apps store won’t be surprised to find out that North America’s biggest sporting event is going mobile.

As well as the first online stream in the history of the NFL, the Super Bowl has also come up with a few interesting and innovative mobile apps that rival anything usually found in the iTunes store. It’s all part of a new effort on the part of the powers that be to get a younger audience online with one of the older more traditional events in sporting history.

Both apps stores for iTunes and the Android market will have Super Bowl XLVI Guide app which will offer among other things a 3D rendering of the area surrounding the Lucas Oil Stadium as well as other 3D renderings of the inside of the stadium.

Still there might be at least one instance where it will be better to view the online version than actually go for the mobile app. The 268-page Super Bowl XLVI game program is actually available as a mobile app but the size of the file itself at a whopping 400MB means it might be better to fire up your laptop at least in that one instance.

The Super Bowl XLVI Commemorative tablet app is another one of the applications that will be available to heighten your excitement over the big game. As well as a section that will have breakdowns of key statistics and plays, this app will have a section on Super Bowl history for the diehard fan.




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