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APP News » Super Bowl Apps Review Article

Super Bowl Apps Review Article

It’s great when you think about how going to the apps store can get you whatever you need when you need it. There’s literally too many free apps and those in the iTunes store to choose from, so it should be no surprise this article starts off with a few for the upcoming Super Bowl.

NFL Mobile is free for Apple and Android products. All you need here is your data transmitted through Verizon Wireless and you’ll be able to see every play of the game live as it happens. Got a tablet device? You’ve just added another screen to the party in your home if you so choose. Need to make a run to the corner store before halftime? Don’t miss a thing with this mobile app that will also allow you to see everything that goes on in the Pro Bowl.

Are You Watching This? Another free Android app that will be especially useful if this year’s game is another one of those disappointing blowouts that you see every once in a while. You don’t need to feel obligated to watch the whole thing if you’ve got this product from the apps store as you’ll be informed if the losing team is rallying enough to make it a game.

This app will even change the channel back to the game depending on if you’ve got the right settings in place. Remember that this isn’t just for the bigger events like the Super Bowl. Are You Watching This? is a great product that you can get from the app store to keep up on smaller sporting events as well.

Finally, Simple Soiree is available from the itunes store and this great app will help you to plan your Super Bowl party by looking after everything from grocery lists to the guest lists that you’ll want.





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