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Recent APP Reviews » Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja

You’ve got your deadly Katana in your hand. You’re primed and ready. Your fingers flex and you know that today you’ll be able to reach a whole new level of skill. Suddenly the gong sounds and you know that it’s time to slice – fruit? Yes, in the game Fruit Ninja you’ll spend lots of time testing your mad finger skills against some seriously evil fruit! Okay, so the fruit isn’t evil, but it’s much more fun to slice it apart if you imagine that it’s come to take over the world so that it can turn it into a tropical paradise!

Fruit Ninja is an extremely simple game to play. You hit the start button and fruit will suddenly fly up in front of you. Your goal? A simple one: slice the fruit! When the fruit flies in front of you all you have to do is slice your finger across the touch screen in whatever direction you’d like the sword to slice. That is what makes the game so easy but is also what makes it tricky.

Wait, how does something that’s so easy get tricky? When you start playing Fruit Ninja you’re simply slicing one fruit at a time. You get the feel of your finger sword and you immediately thing that you’ll be able to destroy this game without a problem! Then multiple fruits start flying at you, and depending on what angle you slice your finger across the touch screen with, you may, or may not, get all of the fruit. If you miss one fruit it’s no problem, and even if you miss two you’re still all set. Miss three fruits, however, and you’re all done!  Oh, and did we mention the bombs?

Fruit Ninja is an extremely addictive game that’s perfect for someone who is looking to kill time between elevator floors, or for someone who has a few minutes to spare during lunch hour to get some of their frustration out. It doesn’t take a genius to figure the game out, but it may take some serious smarts in order to get as far as you possibly can!

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Fruit Ninja, 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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