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Recent APP Reviews » Battle Nations!

Battle Nations!

Battle Nations
Z2Live has come out with some great strategic sims including the awesome Trade Nations and they have followed that up with a sim more suitable for aspiring Army Generals. Battle Nations is a well done sim that includes a lot of variety to make your game play interesting. It is a free app, and as you would expect, you have options to purchase additional credits in the form of Nanopods. These will allow you to build special items that are otherwise difficult to obtain.
You can purchase these credits without much of a problem, but where this game separates itself from most is that you can obtain Nanopods regularly without much difficulty. By watching promotional videos for other apps, usually about 30 seconds long, you will be rewarded with Nanopods. If you do this often you will be able to save up plenty of nanopods to get the things that you desire.

As far as game play is concerned, the sim is quite detailed and you should be able to keep yourself pretty busy. In addition to leveling up by planting crops you can also gain experience by completing certain tasks. When one is finished there is almost always another one to accomplish. As you build your empire your army gathers strength and you can take on more difficult opponents. In addition to this you can challenge other Battle Nations players to gain money and other items.
This is one of the better sims out there. The fact that if you are willing to sit through the promotional videos to gain credits is a huge bonus to other sims. In most games like this credits are very difficult to come by unless you are willing to cough up real cash. Because of these reasons I recommend this game to any serious sim player.

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Battle Nations!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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