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New Releases » Zombie Wonderland 2: Otta Time!

Zombie Wonderland 2: Otta Time!

Zombie Wonderland 2: Outta Time! is the latest addition to the game library from Xoobis. Not since the release of the classic Plants vs. Zombies has there been another zombie game that measured up to the gold standard. This game is sure to get you hooked and you’ll find yourself hunting down zombies in no time. Zombie Wonderland 2 game play is outstanding. The controls are responsive and simple and the graphics are top notch. The game was great to play on the iTouch but it really stands out with the iPad.

In this game it is your responsibility to decimate that zombie population which is bent on your destruction. You operate inside of a given room where zombies try to infiltrate through the windows. Just like in some other popular zombie games (ala Call of Duty), you will need to board up the windows to slow down the hordes of zombies who want nothing more than some brain tacos. Running from window to window you need to kill the zombies as quickly as they come. The job can be a bit overwhelming but with power ups like Gatling guns you should be able to survive the onslaught. You want to do all you can to keep them out of the room that you are protecting. Should they get inside be sure to get rid of them quickly otherwise you’ll become the main dish in the zombie buffet line. If you have to kill a zombie inside of the room your guarding it will leave a mess. For bonus points try cleaning up the spilled zombie blood.
This game is a multi taskers dream. There is a lot to do in each of the levels and you will find it a challenge almost from the get go. For the price, this game is well worth the small investment and I highly recommend it for anyone interested in the zombie genre. Good luck and happy hunting!!!

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Zombie Wonderland 2: Otta Time!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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