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Featured APPs » Run Roo Run!

Run Roo Run!

Run Roo Run! is another action packed game from the people at 5th Cell Media. This action game features some truly challenging levels that will keep you busy for hours. I review and test many games from the iTunes and Android stores and this is one of a few that had me truly addicted. It is a fairly simple game platform that you can only currently get at the iTunes store. It can be played on either the iTouch or the iPad, but based on the feel of the game it is best playing this on an iTouch or iPhone. It has 20 standard levels and 20 extreme levels to go along with a weekly level available once you beat the game so it is well worth the $0.99 asking price from the iTunes store.

In this game you have to make your way across the great land of Australia. You play as an adult Kangaroo named Roo who needs to rescue his young son Joey. You traverse the levels by running and jumping through a number of different obstacles that can be quite challenging. Don’t be fooled. The initial stages of the game are very easy but they increase in difficulty significantly as you start advancing through the levels. You should be able to make it through the standard levels without much of a problem but the extreme levels can be really tricky.

In order to earn a gold star in each of the levels you must complete the puzzle within a given amount of time. Of course this time limit is seriously reduced in the extreme levels so you have to make sure you time your movements as quickly as possible. You can finish all of the stages without earning gold stars but you will not be able to free Joey unless you pass every standard and extreme level with the gold standard. If you are going for gold stars and you fail a level you will need to reset the level because the timer for the level does not reset automatically. If you do reset it each time then getting a gold star is difficult but attainable.

For sheer fun and game play Run Roo Run! is well worth the asking price. In fact, it is quite a bargain. There are new levels added every week so this is a game that will keep on challenging you for a long time to come. If there are levels that you just can’t get past then you have the option of paying for different options to help you through levels. You can either buy the “bus” or a “timer.” The bus will advance you to the next level automatically while the timer will slow down the level to make it easier to get through. With a little effort you shouldn’t need it. It took me a little time but I was able to earn gold stars on all the standard and extreme levels. Run Roo Run! is definitely one of the better games I have found from the Apple Store and I highly recommend it for any game player.

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