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APP News » Arab Health Exhibition & Congress in Duba To Feature Mobile Apps.

Arab Health Exhibition & Congress in Duba To Feature Mobile Apps.

Think that the only place for you to get the latest mobile apps is from the iTunes store? Think you need to read a current app review tho know where the latest innovations are coming from? Think again. The world of the mobile app has spread to many different cultures and our Arab cousins are putting this technology to good use.

Experts from International healthcare and information technology will make the trek to the Arab Health Exhibition & Congress in Dubai to discuss, among other things, practical ways to stream mobile health delivery. The conference  will be held January 23 to 26 at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The UAE has a good market according to new research.  In fact, 60 per cent of the Middle East’s smartphone mobile app’s business is done there even though the location has a relatively small population compare to other countries in the region. This trend is set to develop even more when one considers that one out of every 12 smartphones that are sold globally come from this area.

Farid Faraidooni, chief commercial officer, du, has commented on some of the bigger plans that involve mobile apps and healthcare in the region. He foresees a two way wireless device in the future that can be placed beside a patient’s bed and send all the necessary information to doctors in another location.


Further research by SBI and OBizMedia points to he fact that 40% of polled physicians use some kind of digital device and more than two in five go online to help with their diagnosis.


According to further research, by 2015 a full 33% of all smartphone users will have a mobile app on their device that has some kind of medical feature.




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