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APP News » New on the android apps review circuit

New on the android apps review circuit

There’s lots of people who see the fun side of the apps market and when they hear there’s a new android apps review on the way, they’re the first to see what kind of fun they can have with what’s offered in games.

Then there’s the more serious side and people who look at the app review to see how they can further their educational experience. That’s the first stop on this apps review today, with the latest offering on the circuit from Google. The latest news reader app gives readers the ability to search for the best stories of the day with a new interface that makes looking for what you need here interesting and easy.

Looking for the best way to compare prices and times on flights? As you might have already guessed the answer here comes in the guise of a mobile app that’s been aptly called Skyscanner.  Nothing new here you might say until you get a good look at the fact this is one of the free apps that looks through a set of criteria across 600 airlines and 700,000 routes. Remember this is the one that’s separate from any carrier or search engine.

Along the even more practical lines there’s Kaspersky Mobile Security that you can download for your mobile device. There’s no getting around the fact that security is an issue on mobile devices and Kaspersky is considered all around to be one of the better virus protections on the market today.

There’s nothing but good things being written about this latest entry in the mobile computing device wars.


There have been a few other notable developments when it comes to Android and these include Google Books and Skype. Of course there are more expected to follow shortly.







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