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APP of the Week » Gesundheit!


Gesundheit! is another well designed game by Konami that combines the elements of thoughtful strategy and coordination. It definitely scores an A+ for its originality. The graphics are nice and the game is quite fluid and easy to play. In addition it has a funny little soundtrack that you will enjoy. It is a very good game for the iTouch or iPhone but the game play is lights out on the iPad. The game is similar in style to Angry Birds but it offers a little more of a challenge. In this game accuracy is not just important for a good score…it is essential just to survive the levels. You can simply survive a level or go for more by collecting stars. Collecting stars makes the game much more difficult to play and it will require some original thinking and fast moves on your part.

The story of this game follows the proverbial plot line of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Your character, who looks a lot like the character in the 80’s game Qbert, has a bit of a problem. He wants to go out and play with his peers and he is especially interested in the girly Qbert of the game. However, it appears that the hero of the game is sick. He sneezes and spreads his green goo all over the place making him the laughingstock of his playmates. Of course they end up mocking him before eventually abandoning, all except for his girly love interest who kindly offers him a tissue for his nasty little infection. Just when you think he is about to sneeze off into the sunset with his true love some very nasty looking monsters come to scare his beloved away. Don’t worry…it seems our hero is more than capable of rescuing damsel in distress. It seems that his drippy little drainpipe just might come in handy after all.

The game play is fairly straight forward. Each level has a maze that you have to traverse. Your goal is to eliminate all the monsters on the level using various methods. Your characters little biological weapon cannot do any direct damage but it does attract the monsters who find the green slime a little appealing. You can also use your goo to activate switches and overcome obstacles. Located throughout each level are various traps. These traps are a danger both to you and the monsters. The trick is to attract the monsters into the traps while avoiding them yourself. The switches in the game open up new areas that allow you to travel around the maze. These switches can be activated by wither stepping on them or shooting your green goo at it. For most of the switches it is highly recommended that you shoot at them rather than walk across them because they are typically located in areas that are dangerous. As far as the traps are concerned, you need to avoid them at all cost. Do not try to activate them by stepping on them. Get rid of all the monsters and you will finish the level.

The game is fun enough to play without the additional challenges, however, the star challenge in each level makes the game play much more difficult. It is worth your time to collect them. Each level contains three stars which you can clearly see. You cannot simply shoot the stars because it will destroy them. You must walk across them to collect them. In addition to this, if a monster walks across a star it will be destroyed so your goal is to get the monster to move without touching the star. It is much more difficult than it may seem and it really adds another dimension of difficulty to this game.

Overall the game is really fun to play and should give you many hours of challenging entertainment. For iTouch or other hand held devices the game play is a little more difficult because it requires a high degree of accuracy, however, it is so well made that it is worth the minimal cost regardless of what device you use to play it. There have not been a lot of updates for this game which is unfortunate but it is good enough that you can replay it several times before you eventually get tired of it.

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Gesundheit!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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