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APP News » Some excellent mobile apps from the iTunes store

Some excellent mobile apps from the iTunes store

There’s always some new mobile applications coming out and it’s hard if not downright impossible to keep up with all the latest even if you’re checking all the apps review websites.

You need to narrow things down once in a while and that’s why this article will focus on a few of the apps that you can get from the iTunes store since for many people Apple is still the number one place to get all of the latest technology.

These days people are always thinking about money and how to get more of it or at least keep track of what they’ve got and that’s one of the reasons that the Paypal app is something everyone should be looking at. Although it’s not exactly new, this is the application that allows you to get into your Paypal account while you’re on the move.

If you’re involved with the world of Internet finance, Square is another one of the most innovative mobile apps that you can find online. It’s always in ecommerce’s best interests to find a quicker easier way of doing things and that’s where this app comes in since it allows you to accept credit card payments on your smartphone. Remember here that you’ll need to get the Square card reader to get the whole process moving forward.

These days people are more and more concerned with their health and that’s where WebMD is one of the best applications that you can add to your smartphone. This is the one that allows you to check all of your symptoms online and supplies various other tools so that you can get a better knowledge of your medical condition and what you can do about it. Again, this isn’t one of the latest that’s offered in the iTunes store, but if you’re looking for an app that’s extremely useful, you can’t go wrong with this one.

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