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APP News » Kenya New Mobile App Powerhouse

Kenya New Mobile App Powerhouse

Everything to do with the Internet is mobile and that includes the mobile apps landscape. There are so many different products to choose from when it comes to the right apps store, it shouldn’t be a surprise that free apps as well as those you need to pay for are cropping internationally.

Kenya is the latest example and, according to recent reports, that small African nation is quickly becoming a place of note when it comes to different app review sites.  It seems that country is starting to partner with Samsung who is making a bigger and bigger name for itself, and they’ve put together an app store.

Virtual City’s Hewani store will be a partnership with the local phone company and although the first app store in the area will be limited at first, there are plans to develop it and let it spread to the rest of the region.  One of the targets here is low end SMS-based applications and well as the higher end Android and iPhone applications.

The activity in Kenya is important since it will eventually spread access for the itunes store and the Android market as well.

In other news, the mobile apps market in the United States shrunk by a small margin in 2011 and China’s grew at the same time. The number of apps that were developed in the US dropped by 55 percent  to 47 percent over the course of the year. The market changed complexion as well with the number of mobile apps being downloaded in China rising 870 percent in 2011.

There are also quite a few predictions for 2012 and voice integration tops the list of the latest technologies that the industry is looking toward. Apple is already far along here with iPhone 4S’s Siri, but Google is reportedly not far behind.

















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