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APP News » Mobile Apps To Turbo Charge World Economy

Mobile Apps To Turbo Charge World Economy

For those of you who were waiting to hear some good news shine through all the bleak reports on the world economy, you won’t be surprise to find out the industry experts are saying that mobile apps will grease the world’s gears in the New Year.

Forrester analysts are saying there will be a 6.9 percent growth in IT spending in 2012, and that there will be a whole new set of pressure on the IT industry due to the wave of change that mobile app development and technology is bringing. There are other predictions as well like the intensified use of social media by financial services for things other than marketing

On to things that should be seen soon in your favorite apps store.

Ask anyone form a student to someone checking their BlackBerry every five minutes for the latest information from the home base and they’ll tell you that information capture is one of the most important things you can get from a mobile app store. Catch Notes is the latest that keep nipping at the heels of the more established Evernote and it’s causing enough of a stir to get a mention here.

There are apps here for iOS and Android but nothing for the laptop or desktop yet and that’s a real shame since there are many business users that would love to have this app follow them into the office. This latest app does allow you to input reminders that you can retrieve at a later date, and that’s one of the strong features that you’ll want to keep in mind when you’re  looking at what’s available at your favored apps store.

Remember that with the predictions for 2012 that are just over the horizon, managing your information with  the right mobile app will be a priority.




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