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APP News » Newspaper are still fighting back with mobile apps

Newspaper are still fighting back with mobile apps

Here’s some interesting information for those of you that thought the era of the newspaper ended with the computer. It appears that soon now you’ll be able to find major updates in your favorite apps store that will  hook you up with some of the bigger Canadian newspapers.

Postmedia Network announced today they will be releasing apps for some of the more well known Canadian newspapers like the Vancouver Sun that will work on Apple devices anywhere, anytime.  The media conglomerate has also announced that they will be turning their attention to more than the news and that another product that will be available from the apps store is called,  Dose.ca, and it will bring the people who buy it all the latest celebrity gossip as well as movie news.

There are milestones in the mobile app industry but you need to be well aware when they happen because if you blink they’re gone. Here’s a good example. Somewhere in the world last Wednesday, someone pushed a button and had the distinction of developing the one millionth mobile app. To understand how fast these apps are actually being built and developed, you need to have some kind of comparative.

Every week, according to an article in the New York Times, about 100 movies get released along with about 250 books. That doesn’t even come close to adding up against the 15,000 apps that get released every week.  The experts agree that one of the reasons for the massive boom in mobile apps development is the fact that they are easier to produce. Five years ago building an app meant going through a carrier and quality assurance people, but that’s not the case now. Now it’s possible for anyone to use a platform to build one of these for the general public.

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