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APP News » Ho Ho Holiday Apps

Ho Ho Holiday Apps

There are some new Holiday apps on the market that are sure to get you in the mood of the festive season. They come from the people that you’d expect like Apple and Android and they’re all about making your smartphone as festive as your mood as Christmas and Hanukkah approaches.

If you expected nothing less that a barrage from Apple than you won’t be disappointed. Sincerely Ink is one of the free apps they are offering that lets you customize the Holiday greetings that you can send to both friends and relatives. With this app you can tailor make the photo that you use as well as the text and even the background color. They’ve even got another noteworthy one that’s called Christmas Gifts because it helps to organize your lists. Put all the people on your list here and this free app will even tell you how much money you’ve got left to spend on each of them.

Remember that if you’re looking for a way to manage your lists, and who isn’t during this shopping season?, experts recommend that  the apps for the iPhone and IPhone touch do well here. A quick count points to the fact there are 26 different varieties.

There’s always something for everyone during the Holidays and there’s even an app for people who want to combine Christmas and their favorite trivia pastime.  If Christmas Trivia: Are You Smarter Than Santa? sounds a little tongue-in-cheek that’s because it is.  This Christmas based trivia game can support up to four players and the gamers here can select various questions based on Christmas from around the globe.

If you didn’t know that Christmas was called Bada Din in India you will after playing this game and there’s even an optional timer so that you can challenge yourself even further.

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