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APP News » Merry Christmas: Mobile App Style

Merry Christmas: Mobile App Style

There’s lots of doom and gloom out there these days when you’re talking about the economy, but if you keep your ear tuned to the mobile apps world you’ll see there’s lots of action on that front. Sure there’s lots of extra stuff that you can get from the itunes store this time of year but the real buzz is all about how people are actually going about getting it.

As you might have guessed, people are turning to their mobile apps in this holiday season like never before and there’s even a report out that states half of the people polled for a National Retail Federation survey said they were going to use their smartphones as their preferred way to shop this holiday season.

And with numbers like that, retailers that hope to make whatever big bucks there are this holiday season are jumping on the apps bandwagon even though only a few months ago they might have been asking ‘what are mobile apps?’

Toy ‘R’ Us is a great example. Not only do they have mobile apps that can tell you if the items you’re looking for are available, but they also have one that will read your child’s wish list. Makes us wonder if Santa knows about all the laws that are being passed about using your smartphone while you’re driving, and if they apply to his sleigh?

There’s some more good news that should help everyone out with their holiday cheer and that comes from the respected Internet Retailer magazine who is reporting that Americans are getting ready to spend $5.4 billion at some of the larger retailers that have gotten involved with the right mobile applications.

However, there’s one drag left on the new industry and that’s the fact that people are still shying away from actually ordering with their apps and opting to use them as comparison shopping tools only.




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