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APP News » Mobile Apps Are A Great Black Friday Idea

Mobile Apps Are A Great Black Friday Idea

We all know that our economy is in need of a jump start and with Black Friday on the way there a re a few mobile apps that have been able to capitalize on what everyone is hoping will be a good shopping salvo. Following is a list of three of these that are available at either your local app store or online for free.

ShopKick is one of the more interesting in that it acts like a coupon. You get rewards here for simply going into a store and these rewards can be redeemed for gift cards and other prizes. There are other free apps too that will make shopping on Black Friday more interesting.

The TGI Black Friday iPhone & Android App allows you to look at literally thousands of deals and decide which ones are the best for you. You can use this app to create a list of all the places that have the best deals on Black Friday to save time and get to where you need to be quicker.

ShopSavvy5 has made even more improvements over the other versions that were available and now the apps store selling the latest version reports that this is the one that will do some comparison shopping for you so that you can decide on the best price right from your smartphone.

Here’s some other interesting news. UK elearning company Epic and Collins have partnered to come up with some new apps that will help children with their math. These are already high in the iTunes download store selections and they hold a lot of promise for people children looking to increase their understanding of geometry and algebra to name just a few subjects. The educators decided that the traditional methods using paper and textbooks needed to be complimented with electronic media.



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