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APP News » Emerging Markets See Surge In Mobile Apps

Emerging Markets See Surge In Mobile Apps

It’s no big surprise to people watching the app store numbers and all the latest innovations in the field of mobile apps when new reports are saying the industry is growing in leaps and bounds in emerging economies. From January to Oct of this year alone, China has seen a growth of 870% in the number of people buying mobile apps, but surprisingly enough India is ranking behind other countries like Argentina.

The reasons? Well, the numbers that have come to us from paidContent.org say that the falling prices for older iPhones are one of the biggest contributors and the increasing quality of the Android handsets is another big factor.  This kind of app stores sales in overseas markets is now bumping the United States as the premiere place for global app sessions. As the Americans are falling off in other areas of the economic landscape as well, it seems that China is making a move to top the USA in mobile apps sales and downloads.

However, the number of adults that are downloading mobile apps has risen consistently in the United States over the last few years even in spite of the lousy North American economy.  For example in August of 2011 the number of American adults that had downloaded a mobile app was 38% and that’s up from the 22% benchmark that was the top number back in 2009.

These statistics are clear in they point to an upward trend in the mobile applications market in many countries across the globe even in spite the fact there are trying financial times in many of these places. In the third quarter of 2011, China had 100 million users on the 3G network alone. It seems clear the apps store for all of the brand names will be busy for some time to come.




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