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APP News » Brits Have Battery Fix For iPhone 4S?

Brits Have Battery Fix For iPhone 4S?

There might be at least a temporary fix for the problems that the Apple iPhone 4s is having with its batteries according to reports in the British press. After the UK newspaper the Guardian reported that some of the users that were reporting these issues to Apple were sent diagnostic files that were downloaded and then sent back to the company, the problem might have been located.

It seems that moving from one time zone to another and how the phone automatically resets the change might be at the root of the problem. The feature that sets the time zone appears to be constantly polling cell phone towers to check on the location and switching the Setting Time Zone feature off might be all that’s needed. Of course there are no reports that any of this is affecting Apple’s apps store.

There’s more news about new products and apps review possibilities for the near future as well. Mobile tablets are big in the news and social reader apps that are flooding that market recently and the space just got a little more cramped with some new additions due in a few weeks from Yahoo and Google both.  Livestand is the name of the new offering from Yahoo and Google will reportedly have a new version as well called Propellor due on the heels of the Yahoo release. CNN and AOL already have their own versions that are promising to keep these newbies fighting for their market share.

Here’s some more news that no one will find all that surprising. ABI research has just announced that Android is now the number one download when it comes to mobile apps in effect beating the sales from Apple’s apps store. One of the big reasons, according to ABI, is the open source strategy that Android adopts.










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