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APP News » Living Language Develops New Mobile App

Living Language Develops New Mobile App

There’s a new mobile app on the market that promises to teach you a new language and actually delivers. The people at Living language have been in the forefront of teaching people all about languages for years and they’ve come out with a mobile app that’s available in a number of different options that includes  Spanish, French, German, Italian and Chinese. The designers report that Japanese will be along next month.

There are several different levels available here from beginner to advanced and the course runs over 46 lessons and promises to be a complete series whereby the person buying the item from the apps store gets to master the language and not just simple verbs and phrases.

Chris Warnasch, linguist and Publishing Director of Living Language commented recently:

“The apps use the same Living Language method as our other courses, scientifically developed to target the way adults acquire language-using rules and logic, not rote memorization,” he said.

All the experts agree that ever since Apple launched their apps store for the iPhone, RIM has been trying to catch up. Now there seems to be some movement toward leveling the playing field as far as the developers of BlackBerry are concerned.  HTML5 and third party gaming developer kits are now making it possible for more mobile applications to get to the RIM built BlackBerrys. Using this innovation all the major developers can recode their apps for each of the major smartphone companies and their platforms.

It means there might be some good news for RIM who has been suffering as they lag behind Apple in innovation as far as mobile app technology is concerned. However, most analysts agree that the Apple app store doesn’t really have anything to worry about just yet. Still there’s at least one less problem for RIM when it comes to their apps store.






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