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APP News » eBay tweaking their mobile app technology.

eBay tweaking their mobile app technology.

eBay is looking to make a good thing better. It wasn’t that long ago that big retailers  were asking ‘What are apps?’ and now those same giants are tweaking mobile apps constantly to get more traction in the ever changing market place. Consider the history of one of the biggest, eBay.

The image recognition technology they are set to unveil is all about capitalizing on the constantly expanding sales their current mobile app has brought them so far this year.  Recent reports say that eBay has doubled their sales this year over last so far and they are on target to bring in $ 4 billion. It’s no surprise they’re looking to tweaking their mobile app to help with that.

Enter plans for their new image recognition technology that will allow users to scan a product and then search the eBay for comparisons. The new innovation will be available before the end of the year but eBay has not mentioned as yet which of their mobile apps will use this latest invention. Google’s “Google Goggles” app seems to be the competition here as it does basically the same thing.

In other news, the itunes store could face some scrutiny and apps reviews might need to be a little more community orientated with people voicing their concerns in a Washington post article about what young children are seeing in the apps they buy.  Concerned parents recently voiced concerns about some apps aimed at their children being too violent or too sexually explicit.

Jim Steyer, president of children’s media advocacy group Common Sense Media, recently was quoted as saying that the current state of the mobile apps industry was “ a total Wild Wild West” when it came to rating inappropriate content for younger children. Although the  Federal Communications Commission looks at other media for cursing and other inappropriate content, currently mobile app developers are charged with rating their own designs for now.



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