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APP News » Banks Get Involved With Mobile Apps

Banks Get Involved With Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are big business so it’s no surprise that big business is getting involved with mobile apps. Sun Trust bank has been watching the success of places like the itunes store and wanting to capitalize on the free apps and others available, they have become one of the big banks developing these applications for their customers.

There doesn’t seem to be any coincidence that the look and feel of the navigation of the new app is similar to that of the iPhone according to those who have used it.

On other big business notes closer to those interested in the IT world, there is a debate that been smoking for a bit now as to whether the new Windows 8 Metro apps from Microsoft are more computer apps or mobile apps. The whole issue is about pricing according to the pundits and Microsoft has confirmed that the Metro apps will only be available to be purchased through their app store.


Here’s a little piece of information that can be filed under “We all saw this coming, didn’t we?” Some mobile apps store sites are being investigated for making bogus claims. The app that said it could clear up acne has already been reported here, but now there are new fears about information sharing surfacing. The concerns are coming from some people who should know when we should be looking over our collective shoulders. The IT Director at USC Upstate, Luke VanWingerden recently says that some apps can take your personal information and misuse it, even pinpointing your exact location.


He says that although app developers are supposed to disclose the information they are taking from you, there is really no way to police these people. In the end, careful consumers should look for the name of the developer somewhere on the app to see if it can be trusted.





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