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APP News » BC Government Watches As Casino Gets An App

BC Government Watches As Casino Gets An App

When the government in British Columbia Canada opened the floodgates a while back and allowed PlayNow.com to appease the citizenry there as an online gambling portal, they had every reason to be a little wary. They had only to look south to hear all the arguments in the United States for and against online gambling that is still illegal here

Now it seems the pot has sweetened so to speak and the lottery corporation in that province is planning a mobile app to go with the website. Gaming critic Shane Simpson is concerned saying that younger people will be encouraged to gamble but stopping them hardly seems the responsibility of the government in that part of Canada.

In other recent news, there’s the good and the bad of it in the UK. First the positive. In a part of the world where the economy is always teetering on the edge, people are spending  £250m a year just on eBay. Those are the staggering realities for what the British are spending in cyberspace and these significant numbers have everything to do with mobile apps.

But here’s the downside. Enisa is the European cybersecurity agency and they are reporting that the number of hacked phones has tripled in the last year. The problem is getting bad enough they’ve asked apps stores to adopt a five level defense plan to stop thieves from using malware to steal information from people making legitimate purchases.

Age differentials were interesting as well. Only one fifth of the mobile shoppers were between 26 and 30 with people over the age of 50 buying more with their mobile phones than those who were under twenty. The numbers reported for eBay state the most expensive items sold through the mobile app were high end cars.

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