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APP News » Hockey News, Gone Fishin’ and Acne Treatments

Hockey News, Gone Fishin’ and Acne Treatments

We all knew it was going to happen sooner or later—the claims being made by the people who were marketing and designing mobile apps would go too far. In this back to school rush, it was easy to see how some of the apps that take notes and then store them in the cloud were founded and just, but when someone claimed to have invented an app that could cure acne, the collective eyebrows went up.

Even Big Brother took notice. When AcneApp and Acne Pwner began showing up in the iTunes and Android Marketplace Stores, the FTC felt they needed to step in and warn the public that, even with all the things that apps can do, curing acne is outside of the expectations people should have.

Still the developers tried to make the claims seem legit. They cited a report from the British Journal of Dermatology that certain light treatments eliminated the bacteria causing acne. It was a big no sale with the US government.

In the new apps that actually do something useful category is the Fishbound to Go application from people who know their stuff when it comes to that pastime. This new app from Fishhound.com has a treasure trove of useful information for those who are big on angling like a personal catch log and interactive maps and GPS points. Richard Marks is the CEO of Fishhound.com and he says the new app is all about allowing fishermen who are on the move to tap into all the latest up to date information.

Finally, Polar Mobile has just announced there will be an NHL app for all the teams in the league soon and that the latest device will feature content from The Hockey News which is considered the authority on the game.

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