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Ever thought it would be a blast to stand behind a DJ booth and to be the one spinning the beats? Unfortunately most of us don’t have what it takes to be a full-time DJ, but with a bit of practice, and with the right app for your iPhone, iPod, or iPad, you too can become the DJ that you’ve always wanted to be! The app we’re talking about is Algoriddim’s djay app. This app has everything that you’ll need to create some serious beats if you fancy yourself an expert dj, and has more than enough to keep you entertained and creating a great playlist if you’re an amateur!

So what is the djay app? First let’s get one thing clear: it’s not a game. Is it entertaining? Absolutely. Can it keep you busy for hours? Likely. But it’s not a game. Then what is it? Djay is an application that can help you to create serious mixes. The app makes use of the iOS operating system – a very powerful system that is capable of giving you beats that sound like they came out of a studio. Once you download the app you’ll see that it’s actually very simple to use. Simply turn the device one way or the other (sideways you get two records to scratch and facing up you get one record) and start scratching your favorite song. You can adjust all sorts of things on the song as well, including the bass and the treble. You can fade, reverse, loop, and backspin to your hearts content with this lovely app.

One tip: don’t overdo your scratching! While adding a bit of scratch to a song can elevate it to a higher level, adding too much can make those listening to it turn away in disgust. You always want to make sure that you only mix it enough to make it sounds great without overdoing it. If you’re a hardcore dj lover, this app will give you the power to create serious mixes on the go. If you’re simply a music lover you’ll still thoroughly enjoy this app as it’s very simple to run at the most basic level. You can create a great beat, mix up a song, and pretend, even for just a few minutes, that you’re as famous as Timbaland!

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djay, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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