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APP News » Back To School Apps And Other News

Back To School Apps And Other News

It’s almost that time again where students will be heading off back to school with their new clothes, pens, notebooks and…mobile apps. Another sign of the changing times is the deluge of new mobile apps designed for students. Everyone knows some of the best ideas that come to you for term papers and essays and the like strike at awkward times.

You could be in the locker room after a workout or even in the cafeteria—all places where a paper notebook is nothing less than clunky. The solution here is Evernote, a series of mobile apps on the cloud that allows the user to edit and write. This one covers all the different units you can have with an iphone app as well as one for the ipad and Windows Phone 7 as well as Android.

Ask any student that’s going back to university or college and they’ll tell you one of the most time consuming tasks is creating a bibliography. As you might have imagined, there’s an app for that as well. Quick Cite for iPhone has a barcode scanner that puts together the necessary information in one of four citation formats.

Of course business wont be left behind when it comes to the latest apps and the big boys on the block like IBM are positioning themselves as frontrunners. Their latest app allows for collaboration and data wipes of sensitive information. There’s also something in the works whereby IBM is looking at an app that will include cloud based meeting support.

Here’s another app that will be of particular interest to everyday users. Android has just released a new version that tells the user where they stand as far as their data plans go so they can avoid extra charges. Onavo Lite for Android tracks the useage and also provides hints on different ways to lower consumption.

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