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APP News » Android Keeps Getting Bigger Share Of Marketplace

Android Keeps Getting Bigger Share Of Marketplace

As you might expect the wars for the hearts and minds not to mention the dollars of apps users is always heating up. The Google competition is always nipping at the heels of Apple’s app store and with productivity versions that run from $200, replica vuvuzela horn effects and everything else in between, it’s no wonder that recent reports are saying you more than likely have at least one of the top 10 most popular android apps if you use that particular phone.

The people at Nielsen Smartphone Analytics have reported recently that nearly half of all android app use can be traced back to their 10 most popular applications and they came to the final conclusion that the top 10 accounts for 43% of all the usage and the top 50 accounts for 61%. Unfortunately that means the rest of the 250,000 applications that you can get for the android phone are left to fight over the remaining 39%.

Although the exact nature of these apps is being kept a guarded secret, experts in the industry are able to take an educated guess and put several of the more popular like Facebook and YouTube and Advacned Task killer in the top end.

In related news, smartphone builder Nokia has turned to a Toronto based company to build more than 300 applications they require. The Polar Mobile Group Inc. calls the deal one of the biggest in its history as it tries to help the beleaguered smart phone maker regain some market share in the next generation mobile device market. The first fifty applications are due to be released later this month.

Finally, there are more companies than you might imagine getting involved with mobile apps and recent reports have AT&T expanding and getting involved with some that will be geared toward business. They are offering a fully managed service for their business apps that will be available on the Cloud to their business clients. It was launched on Monday and will be available in 220 countries at first with a possible expansion to follow.

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