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Recent APP Reviews » Animals 360

Animals 360

There are all sorts of apps that are designed to help you to kill a few minutes (or hours – ahem…) but how many apps are there that can not only keep children entertained but that can teach them something at the same time? Animals 360 is a free app that you can download to your handheld device that is ideal for helping you to teach children all about the names of animals and the sounds that they make as well. It’s got four different modes on it and can keep children entertained easily during that long grocery checkout line, and all for free!

There are four modes that you can select from once you turn the app on: photo, quiz, tour, and puzzle. Tour is all about showing what habitats animals live in. Children can then tap on the animal that they see on the screen in order to hear the sound that the animal makes. Head over to photo mode and your little one can see all sorts of photos of animals from all around the world, including large popular animals like a zebra, and smaller less-popular animals like a woodpecker. And there’s not only one image for each creature, but there are actually three! This is perfect for children who love certain animals and who want to see more of them, and the three photos give you different angles to view the animal from as well.

Looking for something a little more interactive? No problem! With Animals 360 your little one can enjoy the quiz or puzzle modes. Quiz modes show the child four photos of animals and plays an animal sound. Your child is then asked to pick which animal matches the sound. The puzzle mode allows children to complete a simple jigsaw puzzle of animals.

With lots of different animals, fun sounds, and beautiful photos, Animals 360 is the perfect app to download for the pre-k set, and at the right price (free!) it’s something that you can download that may just save your sanity while you’re waiting at the checkout line, or that may help you to keep children entertained during those long, boring, noisy car rides!

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Animals 360, 7.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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