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Tag: technology

Arab Health Exhibition & Congress in Duba To Feature Mobile Apps.

Think that the only place for you to get the latest mobile apps is from the iTunes store? Think you need to read a current app review tho know where the latest innovations are coming from? Think again. The world of the mobile app has spread to many different cultures and our Arab cousins are […]

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Some excellent mobile apps from the iTunes store

There’s always some new mobile applications coming out and it’s hard if not downright impossible to keep up with all the latest even if you’re checking all the apps review websites. You need to narrow things down once in a while and that’s why this article will focus on a few of the apps that […]

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eBay tweaking their mobile app technology.

eBay is looking to make a good thing better. It wasn’t that long ago that big retailers  were asking ‘What are apps?’ and now those same giants are tweaking mobile apps constantly to get more traction in the ever changing market place. Consider the history of one of the biggest, eBay. The image recognition technology […]

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