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Tag: information

Firms sued over breach of privacy

In one of the latest episodes concerning privacy laws as they pertain to mobile apps and the ones that you can get from places like the itunes store , 18 firms have been hit with lawsuits over allegations that smartphone companies have been gathering private information through these devices without user’s consent. The lawsuit says […]

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Mobile Apps violating children’s rights?

Here’s one for the ‘saw this coming’ file. It seems that one government survey up in Canada is concerned that mobile apps are actually violating children’s rights by not disclosing how they use personal data collected. “Parents generally cannot determine, before downloading an app, whether the app poses risks related to the collection, use, and […]

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Arab Health Exhibition & Congress in Duba To Feature Mobile Apps.

Think that the only place for you to get the latest mobile apps is from the iTunes store? Think you need to read a current app review tho know where the latest innovations are coming from? Think again. The world of the mobile app has spread to many different cultures and our Arab cousins are […]

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Mobile Apps To Turbo Charge World Economy

For those of you who were waiting to hear some good news shine through all the bleak reports on the world economy, you won’t be surprise to find out the industry experts are saying that mobile apps will grease the world’s gears in the New Year. Forrester analysts are saying there will be a 6.9 […]

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Newspaper are still fighting back with mobile apps

Here’s some interesting information for those of you that thought the era of the newspaper ended with the computer. It appears that soon now you’ll be able to find major updates in your favorite apps store that will  hook you up with some of the bigger Canadian newspapers. Postmedia Network announced today they will be […]

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Back To School Apps And Other News

It’s almost that time again where students will be heading off back to school with their new clothes, pens, notebooks and…mobile apps. Another sign of the changing times is the deluge of new mobile apps designed for students. Everyone knows some of the best ideas that come to you for term papers and essays and […]

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